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Cloud Telephone Systems

cloud telephone systems

Cloud Telephone Systems from our Team in East Anglia

Stay connected to your colleagues and customers using our cloud-based tech in East Anglia. Thinking of departing from the traditional phone system? Firstly, you can stay connected to your colleagues and customers using our cloud-based technology. Calls from Cloud telephone systems are delivered via the Internet across multiple devices. Secondly, we support businesses large and small. As a result, a cloud communications solution will give you the flexibility you need. All whilst being easy to manage and maintaining high call quality.


Miss A Call

A cloud telephone system will allow you and your team to receive calls from anywhere. Calls can be answered from a phone, via your PC or via a mobile app - it’s completely seamless and easy to set up. Move to the cloud and improve your communication.




  • Instant & secure video chat with colleagues and customers
  • Instant messaging – chat online with your team from anywhere
  • Presence - Real-time visibility of your colleagues’ current status and whereabouts
  • Collaborative tools – share your screen and/or documents with customers and colleagues
  • Free UK calls
  • Internet connectivity - connect via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the World, free of charge




Using familiar technology, we can provide your customers with the facility to interact with you directly from your website. Move away from your usual business phone system and experience communication through video conferencing - perfect for home working. To experience this first hand, why not chat with one of the customer service team members.