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It's time for the Cloud

October 11, 2021

In these challenging times, businesses are even more focussed on the bottom line. How can we reduce our overheads? How we can increase our productivity and our profit?

 If we could offer you a solution that will decrease your operating costs by up to 50%, save 25% of your team’s time by providing them with efficient tools to communicate with and introduce a platform that is 100% secure, would we have your attention? 

And by operating costs, we are talking about your telephony costs. Your PBX. The line rental. The call costs. 

Convergence is partnered with Wildix and can therefore offer the only web-based telephony platform on the market. It enables you to utilise your existing infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Broadband, Laptops/PCs/Tablets and mobile devices). Therefore, the cost of implementation is relatively low. And what’s more, the ongoing costs are often significantly less than your current spend. By moving to Wildix, we can provide free calls between colleagues and free calls to your clients.  


The beauty of this solution is that all the collaborative tools you’ve been using over the last 18 months are already included. We’re talking about instant messaging, video conferencing and screen & document share. We can provide presence and location to ensure you know exactly what your team are doing and then they’re doing it. 

You need not look any further. And by doing this, you’ll also be future-proofing your business for years to come. And most importantly, your staff will love using the system and your customers will receive an improved level of service with quicker response times. Quite simply, it’s a win-win!

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