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Convergence Cloud


Convergence Cloud Solution - allowing you to locate and connect to your team from anywhere! 

Ever need to contact members of the team with no success? 

Have no idea where they are or whether or not they're available. 

It's a common problem. Not any more. 

With our new Convergence Cloud product, we can provide you with presence information to your PC or mobile app allowing you to see where your team are and if they're free. The solution integrates directly with your Outlook calendar and you can see your team's status in real-time. This product is changing the way we connect with not only our team, but with our customers too. We can chat, screen-share and even video conference with anyone internally (or externally) that has a microphone and a camera. And with smartphones being so common place, you can connect to practically anyone. And with WiFi being widely available, you're always connected with free calls to local, national and UK mobiles. 

And if you still want a handset on your desk, you can. In fact, you can work and connect to your telephone system from any device. 

Plus, as it's web browser based, you can literally connect from anywhere. 

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