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Can I work from home and still be as effective?


Now that we have a greater understanding of what the new normal may look like, many of us find ourselves still working from home. We’re nearly five months in and now, it feels normal. Some are splitting their time between the home office and the actual office. The key question is can I be as effective at home as when I’m in the office. I say yes.

But, you must have the tools in order to do so. Your company needs to have some kind of cloud or VoIP telephone system. It’s also handy if you have decent broadband, a quiet area in which to work and a decent chair!

What is VOIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and effectively, it’s sending telephone conversations over the Internet. Without getting too technical, the voice is turned into data, sent across the Internet (much like an Email) and then is turned back into voice at the other end. And all this has to happen in milliseconds. We can sort that bit out, you just need to find the quiet area and source the chair! Oh and by the way, he know someone that can help you with that!

Cloud is essentially the same, just a variation of VoIP. All the equipment (apart from the handsets) are hosted externally so all you really need is an Internet connection. Cloud allows users to work from home very easily. And as far as the outside World is concerned, they’re simply available on the direct dial number as if there were sat at their desk.

As you can imagine, we’ve been inundated with requests for home working and we’ve been able to fulfil all of these requests. Some have been a short-term fix and others a long-term one. That and the ability to deliver a video solution on the same platform stands us apart from the competition (well, most of them anyway).

So, if you need a cloud or remote working solution that incorporates video and screen share, we're simply a click away.

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